Devicemate SD 455 Earphones w/mic for iPhone [Black] Case

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  • Model: SD 455-CBK
  • Manufactured by: DEVICEMATE



The Devicemate® SD 455 In-Ear Earbud Earphones are engineered for enhanced bass-driven stereo music. See Video Review Below  The SD 455 delivers dynamic stereo reproduction, rich sound quality with extraordinary noise blocking capability. The robust driver system reproduces deeper bass, clearer highs, and mid-range response for greater audio clarity.



The Devicemate® SD 455 earphones are light-weight and ergonomically designed to fit precisely in the intertragic notch of the human ear to provide optimal comfort for hours of listening pleasure. Three sizes of silicone ear cushions S/M/L are provided in the package to allow for customization and personalized fit. We strongly recommend that you select the correct size silicone ear cushions suited for your particular application to attain maximum efficiency and optimum sound performance.



The Devicemate® SD 455 has a multi-function hands free built-in-line microphone compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPod, *Android, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nexus, Sony, Samsung Galaxy Smartphone's and more.



For answering and ending calls, simply press the microphone once. You can receive incoming calls and interrupt music playback by pressing the microphone once. Then resume music and end your call simultaneously pressing the microphone once again. While listening to music soundtracks, you can play, pause and resume music with a press of the microphone.



To skip to the next track, press the microphone twice in rapid succession. To return to the previous soundtrack, press the microphone three times in rapid succession. To turn on the SIRI feature on your iPhone, simply press and hold down microphone momentarily until it activates and release. Speak clearly in the direction of the microphone. There is no need to hold the microphone close to your mouth, as the sensitivity of the mic will pick up your voice. To complete your session, simply press the microphone once to end.



The Devicemate® SD 455 earbud earphones come equipped with a ninety degree angle 3.5mm gold jack plug for superior signal transfer and suitable for MP3 players, tablets, laptops, notebooks, desktops, computers etc. However, the microphone function is inoperable on these devices as they are configured with separate ports for the audio and microphone. In addition, you will receive a microphone wire clip, retractable stylus with dust plug and a convenient water resistant hard cover “clamshell” carrying case with a carabiner (not for climbing purposes) is included for safe storage of your earphones along with other cables.


NOTE: The selection of color is applicable to the earphones “clamshell” carrying case only and not the earphones themselves which are white.



  • Ergonomic Design and Comfort Fit
  • Designed for Enhanced Bass-Driven Stereo Music
  • Rich Sound Quality with Extraordinary Noise Blocking Capability
  • Customizable Silicone Ear Cushions for Personalized Fit
  • Multi-Function Hands Free Built-in-Line Microphone
  • Convenient Earphone Carrying Case with Carabiner Included
  • Case Color: Black